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DTSC Scores Goal on New Soccer Complex in Rancho Cordova

Ten acres of formerly polluted land in Rancho Cordova could be the Sacramento region’s newest soccer complex, courtesy of a state Department of Toxic Substances Control-supervised cleanup project.

The San Juan Soccer Club proposes to build four soccer fields on a portion of the former Purity Sales – Delta Gunite property at Kilgore and White Rock roads.  The site was used for a variety of purposes, including oil recycling and waste disposal, until 1984.

“The reason we are developing our own complex is because of the ever-growing shortage of soccer fields,” said Michael Liston, vice president of San Juan Soccer Club. “There are simply too many soccer clubs/players to support the available inventory our greater Sacramento area has to offer.”

Liston said the club spends more than $200,000 annually renting soccer facilities for its members. With the purchase, that money can be redirected into the new complex.

“I am so glad to see this brownfield can be used to benefit the community and young people, said DTSC Project Manager Cindy Chain-Britton. “ It is our incentive for working in this field and makes our job meaningful.”

The state Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) supervised a cleanup of about 14 acres that included excavating 140 cubic yards of soil, confirmation sampling, backfilling and installing an asphalt cap and liner over a portion of the property. The soccer fields and accompanying parking lot – the parking lot will be atop the asphalt cap – are allowed under a land-use covenant DTSC required to minimize exposure and to prevent inappropriate land use.

The cleanup was certified as complete in 2014, and construction of the soccer complex and stadium lighting could begin in September, Liston said. DTSC will continue to supervise groundwater monitoring and reporting.

This project is an example of DTSC’s mission: cleaning up contaminated sites and breathing new life into them.

Left: A backhoe excavates contaminated soil. Middle: A roller compacts aggregate base over the cap area. Right: Workers use heat to seal the seams of a liner over the cap.