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Legislative Mandates Reports and Legislative Summary Reports

The Office of Legislation and Regulatory Review (OLRR) coordinates DTSC’s action on all legislative matters and recommends appropriate action regarding legislative issues.  This includes reviewing, analyzing, and monitoring proposed legislation that may impact DTSC; coordinating the development of DTSC-sponsored legislative proposals; representing DTSC before legislative committees; acting as a liaison to legislators, their staff, and outside advocates; and working with executive staff, legislative staff, and interest groups to develop strategies to pass or defeat bills.  OLRR tracks around 200 bills each legislative session.
The Legislative Summary Report identifies and summarizes all legislation considered by the California State Legislature during a legislative session that directly or indirectly affects DTSC’s mission and programs.
Please direct all inquiries regarding this report to:
Office of Legislation and Regulatory Review
1001 I Street, P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, California 95812-0806
(916) 322-3900

Access reports prior to 2019 from our Archive page.