About DTSC

We are determined to safeguard California from the harmful effects of chemicals

Mandated Website Postings

The California Legislature and the Courts have mandated that certain information be posted on the DTSC Web site. This page contains links to that information. In each case, the postings include more information than is specifically required.

Index of Site Pages That Include Enforcement Documents

This is not a comprehensive list of DTSC’s enforcement cases. Rather, it is a list of site or facility pages in which you will find enforcement documents, along with other information related to that particular facility or site.

Deed Restricted Sites

See our Land Use Restriction Sites web page for information and lists.

Other Required Web Postings

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, Alameda County

The Settlement Agreement in the case Tri-Valley CARES vs. DTSC requires that DTSC post to its Web site documents relating to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Main Site hazardous waste management facility. Specific types of documents required to be posted are: summaries of violations prepared under Health and Safety Code section 25185(c)(1) and LLNL responses; inspection reports prepared under Health and Safety Code section 25185(c)(2)(A) and LLNL responses; accident reports; Senate Bill 14 documents submitted under permit conditions; and public notice of proposed permit modifications.