Managing Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous Waste Permanent State EPA ID Numbers

Hazardous waste permanent State EPA ID numbers are owner and site specific, and issued to people and businesses who generate one of the following:

  • Less than 100 kg (27 gallons or 220 lbs) of RCRA hazardous waste per month
  • Less than 1 kg of RCRA acutely hazardous waste per month
  • Any amount of a non-RCRA hazardous waste per month

California-only waste is commonly known as non-RCRA waste. Examples of non-RCRA hazardous waste are used oil or universal waste. Examples of universal waste are fluorescent lamps, batteries, and mercury waste. For more information about universal waste, please visit DTSC’s page on universal waste. For the list of non-RCRA (California-only) waste codes, please go to California Hazardous Waste Codes.

How Do I Apply for a Permanent State EPA ID Number?

To apply for a permanent State EPA ID number, complete and submit the   DTSC Form 1358 – Permanent State ID Number Application. There are no fees associated with obtaining a permanent State EPA ID number.

Since permanent State EPA ID numbers are owner and site specific, when the legal business owner and/or site location changes, a new State EPA ID number must be obtained.