Managing Hazardous Waste

We strengthen regulations and streamline waste management

Permit Writer Manual for Closure of Storage & Treatment Facilities

Chapter 1.0 Purpose and Organization

Overall Closure Process

Chapter 2.1 Procedures
Chapter 2.2 Overview of Applicable Regulations and Statutes
Chapter 2.3 Coordination with Other Government Agencies
Chapter 2.4 Closure Process Schedule

Closure Plan Contents and Technical Review

Chapter 3.1 Facility Identification
Chapter 3.2 Facility Location
Chapter 3.3 Facility Design
Chapter 3.4 Description of Hazardous Waste Constituents
Chapter 3.5 Estimate and Management of Maximum Inventory

Chapter 3.6

Decontamination Procedures for Equipment, Structures, and Buildings
Chapter 3.7 Confirmation Sampling Plan for Containment Structures, Tanks, and Equipment
Chapter 3.8 Soil Sampling Plan
Chapter 3.9 Analytical Test Methods
Chapter 3.10 Groundwater Sampling
Chapter 3.11 Closure Performance Standards (Cleanup Levels)
Chapter 3.12 Soil Removal/Cleanup Procedures
Chapter 3.13 Closure Cost Estimate
Chapter 3.14 Financial Responsibility
Chapter 3.15 Closure Implementation Schedule
Chapter 3.16 Closure Certification Report Requirements

Chapter 3.17

Personal Protective Equipment (Worker Health and Safety)
Chapter 3.18 Site Security

Closure Plan Approval and CEQA

Chapter 4.1 Draft Closure Plan and CEQA Determination Public Notice/Comment Period
Chapter 4.2 Response to Public Comments
Chapter 4.3 Final Closure Plan Approval
Chapter 5.0 Closure Plan Implementation/Oversight
Chapter 6.0 Closure Certification