Managing Hazardous Waste

We strengthen regulations and streamline waste management

Permit Writer Manual for Storage & Treatment Facilities

Chapter 1.0 Introduction
Chapter 2.0 Preapplication Activities
Chapter 3.0 Receive Application
Chapter 4.0 Project Planning
Chapter 5.0 Fees
Chapter 6.0 Data Management and Reporting
Chapter 7.0 Preapplication Review Site Visit
Chapter 8.0 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
Chapter 9.0 Phase I Technical Review
Chapter 9.1 Facility Identification
Chapter 9.2 Facility Location
Chapter 9.3 Waste Characterization
Chapter 9.3.1 Waste Analysis Plans
Chapter 9.3.2 Waste Compatibility
Chapter 9.3.3 Waste Location
Chapter 9.4 Facility Design
Chapter 9.4.1 Containers
Chapter 9.4.2 Tanks
Chapter 9.4.3 Secondary Containment
Chapter 9.4.4 Treatment Process Vents
Chapter 9.4.5 (Air Emission Standards Subpart AA and BB)
Chapter 9.4.6 (Air Emission Standards Subpart AA and BB) Equipment Leak Standards
Chapter 9.4.7 Air Emission Standards Subpart CC
Chapter 9.5 Site Security
Chapter 9.6 Management Practice
Chapter 9.7 Personnel Training
Chapter 9.8 Preparedness and Prevention, Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures
Chapter 9.9 Closure Plan
Chapter 9.10 Pollution Prevention
Chapter 9.11 Financial Responsibility & Checklist
Chapter 9.12 Environmental Monitoring
Chapter 10.0 Preparation of Notice of Deficiency
Chapter 11.0 Corrective Action
Chapter 12.0 Phase II Technical Review
Chapter 13.0 Permit Decisions
Chapter 14.0 Pre-Public Notice Check
Chapter 15.0 Public Participation
Chapter 16.0 Response to Comments
Chapter 17.0 Final Permit Decision
Chapter 18.0 Permit Compliance Enforcement
Chapter 19.0 Completion of Administrative Record