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Press Room 2002 – Public Information Office

DTSC Press Releases 2002

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DTSC Certifies the Crossroads Site in Murrieta 12/26/2002
DTSC Certifies Galilee Harbor Site in Sausalito 12/13/2002
$84,000 Settlement Reached with AERC and Mercury Technologies 12/13/2002
Removal of Contaminated Soil at Pier 92 Scheduled, DTSC Approves Work Plan 12/12/2002
Cornfield Railyard Clean Up Begins 12/09/2002
Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad Recognized First Dealership to Become Model Pollution Prevention Facility 12/06/2002
Western Parcel of Mare Island Transferred to Civilian Use 11/21/2002
DTSC Certifies The Crossings Site In San Bruno 11/04/2002
San Diego Site Marks Department of Toxic Substances Control’s 1,000th Environmental School Review 10/29/2002
State Delivers $425,000 to East Bay Habitat for Humanity to Clean Up “Brownfield” for Homes 10/22/2002
East Bay Habitat for Humanity to Receive $425,000 for Environmental Cleanup Project to Build Homes in East Oakland 10/17/2002
Imminent and Substantial Endangerment Order Issued to Pacific Steel, Inc. 10/15/2002
California Hospitals Receive Awards for Mercury Elimination 09/27/2002
Two Richmond Sites Certified by DTSC 09/10/2002
$115,000 Agreement Reached With Valero Refining Company 08/02/2002
Settlement Reached with El Capitan Oil Company 07/17/2002
Former California Spray and Chemical Company Site Certified 06/26/2002
DTSC Terminates Authorization / Refers Site to Federal EPA 06/04/2002
$1,000,000 Agreement Reached with CENCO Refining Company and Powerine Oil Company 06/03/2002
Cal/EPA Announces Winners at Household Hazardous Waste Conference 05/24/2002
Old Hammer Field Public Information Workshop To Be Held 05/15/2002
Cleanup and Restoration of Nipomo Residences Complete 05/02/2002
State Senator O’Connell and Head of Statewide Cleanup Division Hold Press Conference 05/01/2002
Report Summarizes Efforts to Build Environmentally Safe Schools 04/18/2002
Former Corporate Officers to Pay $800,000 to Settle Hazardous Waste Case 04/18/2002
Name Change for DTSC Site Mitigation Program 04/16/2002
State Senator Escutia and Director Lowry Hold Media Availability 04/15/2002
New Regulations Regarding Hazardous Waste Manifest Discrepancies 04/12/2002
Environmental Cleanup Project to Receive $700,000 Loan From State 03/25/2002
State Delivers $700,000 Loan to Clean Up “Brownfield” for Homes 03/25/2002
Orchard Supply Site Cleanup Begins 03/01/2002