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Press Room 2008 – Public Information Office

DTSC Press Releases 2008

Title Date PR No./
Doc Type
State Announces $1,400,000 Settlement with Kyocera America, Inc. 12/23/2008 T-25-08
Cal/EPA Releases Final Policy Recommendations for Green Chemistry Initiative 12/16/2008
State to Release Green Chemistry Initiative Final Report 12/15/2008 Advisory
Department to Present Environmental Stewardship Awards “Oscars” During CWA Conference 11/12/2008 Advisory
State Signs Off on Habitat for Humanity East Bay Site Cleanup 11/05/2008 T-24-08
State Releases Lighting Task Force Report to the Legislature 10/30/2008 T-23-08
State Addresses Hazardous Waste Cleanup at Foreclosed Homes 10/28/2008
California Department of Toxic Substances Control Sues to Recover Lava Cap Mine Cleanup Costs 10/28/2008 T-21-08
DTSC Lauds New Mercury Thermostat Recycling Law 10/20/2008 T-20-08
Letter to Mr. Rick Bianchi, Division Manager, Centex Homes 10/10/2008 Letter
State Announces Finding Regarding Simi Valley Property 10/10/2008 T-19-08
U.S. EPA to sample indoor air at Santa Rosa homes, elementary school near dry cleaning shop 10/10/2008
State DTSC Selects Home Depot and Pacific Gas & Electric for Voluntary Stewardship Awards 09/25/2008 T-18-08
DTSC Commends CalTrans for use of Non Toxic Paint 09/23/2008 T-17-08
State DTSC Workshop on Proper Handling of Treated Wood Waste 09/02/2008 Advisory
State Orders Immediate Tests of Debris Found at Former Shooting Range 08/20/2008 T-16-08
DTSC Approves Closure Plan for Romic 08/18/2008 T-15-08
DTSC Approves Permit for Rho-Chem LLC 08/18/2008 T-14-08
California Department of Toxic Substances Control Cleanup Protects Students at Watts High School 07/31/2008 T-13-08
DTSC announces cleanup complete at Mesa De Oro 07/21/2008 T-12-08
DTSC Commends the Home Depot National Used Compact Fluorescent Lights Collection Program 07/03/2008 T-11-08
DTSC Lighting Task Force Meets on Options for Recycling and Disposing Fluorescent Bulbs 06/12/2008
New Report Aims to Spur Green Technology Innovation and Investment in California 06/02/2008 T-10-08
DTSC Cleans Up Prime Riverfront Acreage for Reuse 05/27/2008 T-09-08
DTSC to Assess Contamination of Mine-Scarred Lands in Jackson and Sutter Creek 05/23/2008 T-08-08
DTSC Cracks Down On Illegal Computer Dumping 05/23/2008 T-07-08
State Seeks Input on Pending Lightbulb Toxicity Standard 05/19/2008 T-06-08
Workshop on ‘Strengthening California’s Consumer Protection Laws’ – El Segundo 05/08/2008 Advisory
Highest Levels in the World of Chemical Flame Retardants in CA Urban Wildlife 05/08/2008 Advisory
Workshop on “Strengthening California’s Consumer Protection Laws” – Sacramento 04/24/2008 Advisory
Green Chemistry ‘Conversation with California’ Continues In Berkeley 04/22/2008
‘Conversation with California’ on Green Chemistry 04/15/2008
DTSC Clears Path for Rancho Cordova Development 03/24/2008 T-05-08
DTSC Announces $285,000 Settlement with Trident Plating 03/20/2008 T-04-08
Lead in Jewelry Law to Expand March 1 02/29/2008 T-03-08
DTSC Launches Comprehensive Brownfields Database 02/20/2008 T-02-08
DTSC Appoints Claudia Polsky as Div. Chief of P2 and Technology Development 01/24/2008 T-01-08