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DTSC News Releases 2018

TitleDatePR No./Doc Type
California Takes Steps to Protect Workers from Toxic Chemical in Certain Paint Strippers
Dec 28, 2018T-20-18
DTSC Orders Battery Recycler Quemetco to Expand Soil Sampling, Clean Up Areas Near City of Industry Facility
Dec 19, 2018T-19-18
DTSC and U.S. EPA Begin Removing Household Hazardous Waste Following Woolsey and Hill Fires
Dec 4, 2018T-18-18
DTSC Files Civil Complaint Against Battery Recycler Quemetco
Nov 1, 2018T-17-18
DTSC Hosts International Chemical Management Symposium
Nov 1, 2018T-16-18
DTSC Announces Enhanced Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting Regulations to Protect Communities
Oct 26, 2018T-15-18
DTSC Enforcement Action Results in $1.4 Million in Penalties for Hazardous Waste OperatorOct 25, 2018T-14-18
DTSC Adds Second Contractor to Help Clean Up Properties Near ExideOct 11, 2018T-13-18
DTSC Agrega un Segundo Contratista para Ayudar a Limpiar Propiedades Cerca de ExideOct 11, 2018T-13-18S
DTSC Director Applauds Recognition of McClellan TransformationSept 19, 2018T-12-18
Enforcement Action Against Fontana Metal Recycler Results in $170K SettlementJul 30, 2018T-11-18
DTSC Takes Enforcement Action Against Torrance Refining Company for Illegal Hazardous Waste StorageJun 20, 2018T-10-18
Former Los Angeles Metal Plating Facility Will Become a Community ParkJun 14, 2018T-09-18
Construction Begins on Argonaut Mine Dam Project in JacksonJun 5, 2018T-08-18
DTSC Awards Interim Cleanup Contract to NECApr 25, 2018T-07-18
Jewelry Supplier Fined $1.6M for Repeatedly Selling Products with Illegal Levels of Lead and CadmiumApr 24, 2018T-06-18
DTSC Issues Guidelines for Healthy Nail Salon Recognition ProgramApr 19, 2018T-05-18
DTSC Holds First Quarterly Public Meeting of 2018Mar 27, 2018
DTSC Cracks Down on Illegal Hazardous Waste Storage at Torrance Refining CompanyMar 2, 2018T-04-18
DTSC Launches New Interactive Maps Detailing Lead Contamination and Cleanup Priorities Around Exide FacilityMar 2, 2018T-03-18
DTSC lanza nuevos mapas interactivos que detallan la contaminación y las prioridades de limpieza del plomo en los alrededores de las instalaciones de ExideMar 2, 2018T-03-18S
State Investigation into Illegal Hazardous Waste Disposal Leads to ArrestsFeb 28, 2018T-02-18