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Brownfields Publications

CategoriesDocument TitleDate
BrownfieldsFact Sheet: Brownfields Action Agenda and Workplan - December 20032003/12
BrownfieldsBrownfields and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control Key Programs and Challenges2001/02
BrownfieldsBrownfields Redevelopment, March 1998 (revised 3/99)1999/03
BrownfieldsRedevelopment and Revitalization of Brownfields, Department of Toxic Substances Control Initiatives1995/10
BrownfieldsEnvironmental Renewal and Economic Revitalization Successes1996/03
BrownfieldsOptimizing Brownfields Cleanups - December 20042004/12
BrownfieldsCalifornia Land Environmental Restoration and Reuse Act2004/12
BrownfieldsCalifornia Land Reuse and Revitalization Act of 20042006/07
BrownfieldsDesignation of a Lead Administering Agency2004/12
BrownfieldsDTSC's State Superfund Cleanup Program2006/07
BrownfieldsExpedited Remedial Action Program2004/12
BrownfieldsLeaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Program2004/12
BrownfieldsLocal Agency Oversight of Cleanups2004/12
BrownfieldsPrivate Site Management Program2004/12
BrownfieldsProspective Purchaser Program2004/12
BrownfieldsRedevelopment Agency Process2004/12
BrownfieldsSchool Site Cleanups2004/12
BrownfieldsSpills, Leaks, Investigations and Cleanups Program2004/12
BrownfieldsPrivate Site Management Program Fact Sheet2003/07
Brownfields CLEAN AgreementBrownfield Cleanup Loans and Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods -- CLEAN Model Technical Oversight Agreement2001/02
Brownfields Expedited Remedial ActionReport on California Expedited Remedial Action Reform Act of 19942003/01
Brownfields FundingBrownfields Funding Fact Sheet2009/05
Brownfields ISCP AgreementBrownfield Investigating Site Contamination Program - ISCP Model Technical Oversight Agreement2001/02
Brownfields Tax IncentivesFederal Taxpayer Relief Act Provides New Incentive for Brownfields Redevelopment - Fact Sheet2004/10
Brownfields Tax IncentivesHow to Obtain Census Data
Brownfields Tax IncentivesList of Eligible California Brownfields Pilot Contacts
Brownfields VisionDTSC Brownfields Vision2001/01