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Site Mitigation & Restoration Program Publications

CategoriesDocument TitleDate
Abandoned Mine LandsCleanup Guidance: Abandoned Mine Lands Site Discovery Process2006/06
Abandoned Mine LandsAbandoned Mine Lands Preliminary Assessment Handbook2001/06
Active Soil Gas AdvisoryAdvisory-Active Soil Investigations FINAL2015/07
ArsenicArsenic Strategies Determination of Arsenic Remediation Development of Arsenic Cleanup Goals For Proposed and Existing School Sites2007/03
Assembly Bill 2729Assembly Bill 2729 UST Funds Available to School Districts/Limit for Removal Action Workplans Increased to $2 Million2009/02
Background ArsenicSouthern California Regional Background Arsenic Concentration in Soil2008/03
BrownfieldsFact Sheet: Brownfields Action Agenda and Workplan - December 20032003/12
BrownfieldsBrownfields Initiative2001/05
BrownfieldsBrownfields and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control Key Programs and Challenges2001/02
BrownfieldsBrownfields Redevelopment, March 1998 (revised 3/99)1999/03
BrownfieldsRedevelopment and Revitalization of Brownfields, Department of Toxic Substances Control Initiatives1995/10
BrownfieldsEnvironmental Renewal and Economic Revitalization Successes1996/03
BrownfieldsOptimizing Brownfields Cleanups - December 20042004/12
BrownfieldsCalifornia Land Environmental Restoration and Reuse Act2004/12
BrownfieldsCalifornia Land Reuse and Revitalization Act of 20042006/07
BrownfieldsDesignation of a Lead Administering Agency2004/12
BrownfieldsDTSC's State Superfund Cleanup Program2006/07
BrownfieldsExpedited Remedial Action Program2004/12
BrownfieldsLeaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Program2004/12
BrownfieldsLocal Agency Oversight of Cleanups2004/12
BrownfieldsPrivate Site Management Program2004/12
BrownfieldsProspective Purchaser Program2004/12
BrownfieldsRedevelopment Agency Process2004/12
BrownfieldsSchool Site Cleanups2004/12
BrownfieldsSpills, Leaks, Investigations and Cleanups Program2004/12
BrownfieldsPrivate Site Management Program Fact Sheet2003/07
Brownfields CLEAN AgreementBrownfield Cleanup Loans and Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods -- CLEAN Model Technical Oversight Agreement2001/02
Brownfields Expedited Remedial ActionReport on California Expedited Remedial Action Reform Act of 19942003/01
Brownfields FundingBrownfields Funding Fact Sheet2009/05
Brownfields ISCP AgreementBrownfield Investigating Site Contamination Program - ISCP Model Technical Oversight Agreement2001/02
Brownfields Tax IncentivesFederal Taxpayer Relief Act Provides New Incentive for Brownfields Redevelopment - Fact Sheet2004/10
Brownfields Tax IncentivesHow to Obtain Census Data
Brownfields Tax IncentivesList of Eligible California Brownfields Pilot Contacts
Brownfields VisionDTSC Brownfields Vision2001/01
Burn DumpsProtocol For Burn Dump Site Investigation and Characterization2003/06
California Military Base ReuseCalifornia Military Base Reuse Brochure 20052005/05
CLEAN Loan2010 CLEAN Loan Report2010/01
ConsultantGuide to Selecting a Consultant2001/06
Corrective Action Meet and ConferMeet-and-Confer Process and Cost Recovery for Corrective Action Process and Oversight for Facilities That Do Not Have Existing Corrective Action Consent Agreements
Corrective Action Meet and ConferMeet-and-Confer Process and Cost Recovery for Corrective Action Process and Oversight for Facilities with Existing Corrective Action Consent Agreements
Expedited RemedialExpedited Remedial Action Program (SB 923)1997/10
Expenditure ReportExpenditure Report for the 2005/06 Fiscal Year2007/02
Expenditure ReportExpenditure Report for the 2006/07 Fiscal Year2008/02
Expenditure ReportExpenditure Report for the 2008/09 Fiscal Year2010/06
Expenditure ReportExpenditure Report for the 2007/08 Fiscal Year2011/01
Financial IncentivesFinancial Incentives to Clean Up Hazardous Substance Sites1993/08
Groundwater InvestigationApplication of Surface Geophysics at Contaminated Sites2012/07
Ground Water InvestigationDrilling, Logging, and Sampling at Contaminated Sites2013/11
Ground Water InvestigationWell Design and Construction for Monitoring Groundwater at Contaminated Sites2014/09
Ground Water InvestigationsApplication of Borehole Geophysics at Contaminated Sites2012/06
Ground Water InvestigationsGuidelines for Planning and Implementing Groundwater Characterization Of Contaminated Sites2012/06
Ground Water InvestigationsRepresentative Sampling of Groundwater for Hazardous Substances2008/02
Ground Water InvestigationsAquifer Testing at Contaminated Sites2015/06
Land Use CovenantsRecorded Land Use Covenants (Assembly Bill 2436) and Regulations2003/04
Land Use CovenantsLand Use Covenants Regulations2003/07
Land Use RestrictionsRecorded Land Use Restrictions (AB 871)1999/12
Local Cleanup AgreementsLocal Cleanup Agreements (SB 1248)1996/02
Preliminary Endangerment AssessmentPreliminary Endangerment Assessment Guidance Manual2015/10
Property TransferDecision Matrix for Property Transfers at Closing and Realigning Military Hazardous Waste Management Facilities - Interim Final2005/05
Prospective PurchaserProspective Purchaser Policy2001/05
PRZ EvaluationAn Assessment of Zero Valence Iron Permeable Reactive Barrier Projects in California2008/04
Public InvolvementPublic Involvement - The Public's Role in Environmental Decisions2003/10
Redevelopment AgencyFact Sheet - Redevelopment Agency Environmental Oversight Agreement2004/04
Removal Action WorkplansRemoval Action Workplans (RAWS), Memorandum Dated 9/23/981998/09
Residential PesticideResidential Pesticide at Proposed School Sites2008/03
Risk AssessmentRisk Assessments for Sites with Volatile Contaminants in Shallow Groundwater2007/03
SchoolsPhase I Environmental Site Assessments (Schools) - Fact Sheet: Proposed Regulations on Preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments2002/09
SchoolsFederal Brownfields Grants Available to School Districts - Fact Sheet2003/02
SchoolsAnnouncement of Grant Funds for PEAs at School Sites2003/02
SchoolsEnvironmental Assessments For Charter School Sites2003/02
SchoolsEnvironmental Oversight Agreements, School Property Evaluation and Cleanup Division2002/02
SchoolsInformation Advisory Clean Imported Fill Material Fact Sheet2001/10
SchoolsNew Environmental Requirements for Proposed School Sites (AB 387 and SB 162)2001/04
SchoolsUpdate on Environmental Requirements for Proposed School Sites/Construction Projects (AB 2644)2001/02
SchoolsMemo: Interim Guidance for Sampling Agricultural Fields for School Sites (Second Revision)2002/08
SchoolsAddendum to Interim Guidance for Sampling Agricultural Fields for School Sites (Second Revision)2003/09
SchoolsPhase I Environmental Site Assessment Advisory: School Property Evaluations2001/09
SchoolsPhase I Addendum: Lead-Based Paint and/or Electrical Transformer Investigation Template2002/09
SchoolsSupplemental Site Investigation Completion Report Template2002/05
SchoolsSupplemental Site Investigation (SSI) Scoping Document Template2002/05
SchoolsSupplemental Site Investigation (SSI) Workplan Template2002/05
SchoolsSchools White Paper1999/10
SchoolsGuidance for Environmental Investigations of School Sites Available for Public Review Fact Sheet2008/08
Schools(SEAM) Interim Guidance Document Public Notice2008/08
SchoolsEvaluation of Biogenic Methane2012/03
Site DesignationSite Designation Process - Designation of an Administering Agency2005/09
Soil SamplingGuidance Document for the Implementation of USEPA Method 5035 - Soils and VOCS2004/11
SuperfundSuperfund - Reinstatement of Chapter 6.8: The State Superfund1999/09
Targeted Site InvestigationsTargeted Site Investigations Program Fact Sheet2006/07
TransportationGuidance for Developing Transportation Plans for Removal or Remedial Actions2001/12
TSCATSCA 2009 Expenditure Report2011/02
UST Funds2011 Update on UST Funds Available to School Districts2011/06
Vapor IntrusionA decision tree incorporating vapor intrusion into screening risk assessments2006/03
Vapor IntrusionVapor Intrusion Mitigation Advisory2011/10
Vapor IntrusionVapor Intrusion Guidance-Final Oct 20112011/10
Vapor IntrusionVapor Intrusion Public Participation Advisory2012/03
Voluntary Cleanup ProgramVoluntary Cleanup Program Fact Sheet2008/08