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DTSC Regulations

DTSC’s hazardous waste regulations are located in the official version of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) at Title 22 Social Security, Division 4.5, Environmental Health Standards for the Management of Hazardous Waste. The CCR is maintained by Thomson Reuters (link opens new tab) under contract with the Office of Administrative Law (link opens new tab) and is updated weekly.

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Rulemaking Process

Use the links below (and also found on the right in the “Laws & Regulations Links” panel) to view the various regulations in process or that have been finalized:

  • DTSC Regulations Under Development
    Regulations under Development pages contain preliminary language, workshop information, or other documents that may be of interest to the public and regulated community.
  • DTSC Proposed Regulations
    Shows all the proposed regulations and the accompanying public comment period, or those regulations pending a decision from the OAL.
  • DTSC Emergency Regulations
    DTSC adopts emergency regulations there is an immediate need for a regulation to protect the public health and safety or the general welfare.
  • DTSC Final Regulations
    DTSC maintains files of all adopted regulations from 1978 to present available to the public upon request.