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Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) Regulations

DTSC Reference Number: R-2014-04
OAL Reference Number:

OAL Approval Date:
Secretary of State Filing Date:
Effective Date:

Due to the unforseen technical issues that occured when the draft regulations text and concept paper were released, we will be extending the informal comment period from the final date to submit being February 5th to February 12th;  please submit all comments to NO LATER THAN February 12, 2014.  You may also submit comments by mail to: Ms. Jackie Buttle, MS 23A 1001 “I” Street Sacramento, CA 95814
To view the recorded webcast from the informal workshop held at the Cal EPA on January 22nd, 2014, click on the following link: PowerPoint presentations from ESI workshop: ESI Informal Workshop – PowerPoint To view the EnviroStor webpage and a tutorial of how to best utilize EnviroStor, please click here (or go to
The following docs can be viewed best in, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari: [DRAFT] Proposed Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) Regulations Text Summary of Concepts for ESI Regs Also, to confirm, the informal workshop (see notice below for details) will be available on the day of the event via LIVE webcast at the following link: (PLEASE NOTE:  The link will open up approx. 10-15 minutes before the meeting; if you are on the site prior to that timeframe, you must refresh the link closer to the time of in order to view the webcast)
The following documents were mailed out on behalf of the Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) Regulations on 1/7/2014: Notice for Informal Workshop (Mailed out January 7, 2014) NOTE:  The concept draft regulation language will be available for review after Monday, January 13, 2014; the workshop will be posted after Jan. 22.  For any additional information, email