Managing Hazardous Waste

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Regulatory Assistance for Due Diligence

Before you purchase property, and in order to make an informed decision about purchasing the land you need to conduct “all appropriate inquiries” also known as “due diligence” to investigate and identify any potential environmental concerns which you would become liable for once you are the property owner. Some concerns include past uses, which left the land “contaminated” with hazardous waste and contamination at nearby properties.



Due Diligence for School Sites

DTSC’s School Property Evaluation and Cleanup Division is responsible for assessing, investigating and cleaning-up proposed school sites. The Division ensures that selected properties are free of contamination or, if the properties were previously contaminated, that they have been cleaned-up to a level that protects the students and staff who will occupy the new school. All proposed school sites that will receive State funding for acquisition or construction are required to go through a rigorous environmental review and cleanup process under DTSC’s oversight. See our Schools page for more information.

How do I determine if a property has been contaminated with methamphetamine?