Managing Hazardous Waste

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Regulatory Assistance for Generators

What you Need to Know if you are a Generator

All generators must understand how to manage their hazardous waste.

Statutes and Regulations:

Getting Started

Get or Find an EPA ID Number

For California Only Regulated Generators, to apply for, reactivate, or inactivate a permanent California identification number, complete and submit (DTSC 1358). Faxing the form to (916) 255-4703 seems to work best.

You can obtain information on existing EPA ID numbers from our Hazardous Waste Manifests web page. Go to the Reports tab. To apply for a temporary California ID number, go to our Temporary State ID Number Issuance Website. DTSC no longer issues temporary ID numbers by phone.

For RCRA Regulated Generators to obtain a permanent or temporary U.S. EPA identification number, go to the U.S. EPA’s Identification Numbers web page and follow the directions provided.

See our Hazardous Waste ID Number Verification Questionnaire page for frequently asked questions about getting an EPA ID number.

Search for a company or ID number using the Hazardous Waste Tracking System.

Must Read

  • Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements
    This fact sheet guides the reader through the statutory and regulatory requirements for generators, explaining what is hazardous waste, how it can be accumulated and transported.
  • Waste Classification Training
    This link will take you to DTSC’s Official Waste Classification training offered by the California Compliance School. Also check out DTSC’s guidance web page:  Defining Hazardous Waste.
  • Hazardous Waste Accumulation Time for Generators
    This document provides information about how much and for how long hazardous waste can be accumulated depending on the generator’s status (Small Quantity vs. Large Quantity). The guidance document also covers “satellite accumulation” and storage labeling requirements.

Where to Send your Hazardous Waste

Any DTSC permitted, commercial hazardous waste Recycling, Treatment, Transfer, Storage and disposal Facilities (TSDF) that accept offsite hazardous waste.

How to get it there:

There are a few exceptions, but in most cases you need to hire a registered hazardous waste transporter to take your hazardous waste, using a hazardous waste manifest to a permitted treatment storage disposal facility. Look in your phone book to find a transporter and confirm that they are registered by checking their status here:

Registered Hazardous Waste Transporter Database

Where to Send your Manifest

The generator is required to send DTSC a copy of the Generator copy within 30 days of shipping the waste. If you send your hazardous waste out of state you must ensure that DTSC gets both a Generator Copy and a Facility Copy Generators must send a legible photocopy of the manifests to:

DTSC Generator Manifests
P. O. Box 400
Sacramento, CA 95812-0400


DTSC Facility Manifests
P.O. Box 3000
Sacramento, CA  95812

It is extremely important to send this copy to DTSC, even if it is late. There is no need to send a letter of explanation or cover letter, with a copy of a manifest. Just get it in ASAP.