Managing Hazardous Waste

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Regulatory Assistance for Transporters

What you Need to Know if you are a Transporter

Transportation of hazardous waste without the proper authorizations is a serious violation subject to fines and penalties.  DTSC enforcement staff operate “stings” to capture illegal transporters.

Getting Started

In general, if you want to transport hazardous waste for hire in California, you need to be registered as a hazardous waste transporter with DTSC. See our Hazardous Waste Transporters web page dedicated to registering with DTSC. Helpful staff at the DTSC Transportation Registration Program may be reached at:

Phone: (916) 440-7145
Fax: (916) 255-4703

In many cases, you will also need to register with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as a hazardous materials transporter. Please contact the CHP at (916) 445-1865 and ask for the hazardous materials transportation program. Staff at the HazMat program can give you information on any required licensing, training, packaging, placarding, etc.

You do not need to be a registered hazardous waste transporter to transport:

  • Universal waste to another universal waste handler or recycler (22CCR 66273.50 et seq.)
  • Latex paint to another latex paint handler or recycler (HSC 25217 et seq.)
  • Transport automotive batteries to a battery collector or recycler
  • Non-PCB ballasts
  • PCB-containing light ballasts
  • Mobile maintenance (HSC 25250.12)

* Keep in mind that transportation of any wet cell batteries or liquid mercury have stringent DOT hazardous materials transportation requirements.