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Residential Parkways Soil Sampling

For questions concerning the Residential Parkways Soil Sampling,

call the DTSC Exide Cleanup Project Information Hotline: (844) 225-3887


Senate Bill 840 appropriated funding for the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to hire a contractor to sample approximately 6,800 parkways within an approximate 1.7-mile radius of the former Exide Battery Recycling Facility. After sampling is complete, any remaining funds are to be used to clean up the parkways with the greatest lead levels and highest risk of exposure. Any cleanup of the parkways will comply with the California Environmental Quality Act.

DTSC signed a contract with EFI Global, Inc. in March 2019 to sample all accessible Parkways and present the analytical results in a report, which is expected by winter 2019.

Parkways are narrow strips of land accessible to the public adjacent to public streets. Many are found between sidewalks and curbs and contain grass or shrubbery. Parkways were not sampled for lead content during residential sampling.

Below are example photos of parkways within the Preliminary Investigation Area.   

  • Percentage of Parkway Locations Sampled Out of 8,124 Locations 100% 100%
  • Percentage of Blocks Sampled Out of 464 100% 100%