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Reporting Requirements

Where do I File these Documents?

The Source Reduction Evaluation Review Plan (Plan), the Hazardous Waste Management Performance Report (Performance Report), and the Summary Progress Report (SPR), or a copy of each, must be kept available at the facility site for an inspector to review.

Current law requires the Plan, Performance Report, and the SPR to be kept on site, unless expressly requested by DTSC.

What Help is Available for Preparing these Documents?

The guidance publications and training listed below can help a generator determine whether and how to prepare the three SB 14 documents.

Guidance Publications:

  • Guidance Manual (Chapter 1-7): This version of the SB 14 Guidance Manual is for the 2010 Reporting Year.
  • Guidance Manual (Appendices): This version of the SB 14 Guidance Manual Appendices is for the 2010 Reporting Year.
    • Instructions for preparing the SB 14 Plan (see chapter 5)
    • Instructions for preparing the SB 14 Performance Report (see chapter 6)
    • Instructions for preparing the Summary Progress Report (see chapter 7)
  • Compliance Checklist : Only hazardous waste generators who qualify as a small business can complete the Compliance Checklist instead of preparing the Source Reduction Evaluation Review and Plan. The Guidance Manual Chapter 4 has details.

This version of the SB 14 Compliance Checklist is for the 2010 reporting year. It can be used by a hazardous waste generator who qualifies as a small business by SB 14 criteria. Alternatively, the small business can choose to prepare the full SB14 Source Reduction Evaluation Review and Plan instead.

    • Sections 1 through 6 of the Compliance Checklist have detailed instructions for preparing the Compliance Checklist.
    • Section 7 of the Compliance Checklist has detailed instructions for preparing and submitting the Summary Progress Report.

Online Training Slides:

For quick alternatives to reviewing the Guidance Publications listed above, the user can use the links listed below to the SB 14 PowerPoint 2015 Training Slides. The slide shows have outlined instructions for preparing the documents to meet the 2014 SB 14 Reporting Year requirements.

Are Reporting Forms Available Online?

The Microsoft Excel 2019 SPR Form is now available.

If you have questions, please contact (800) 728-6942 or e-mail