Safer Products

We are working toward Safer California households, workplaces and products

Safer Consumer Products

The Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program is using a four-step process to reduce toxic chemicals in the products that consumers buy and use. It identifies specific products that contain potentially harmful chemicals and asks manufacturers to answer two questions: 1) Is this chemical necessary? 2) Is there a safer alternative?

Want more details? See our Program Overview page for more information about the SCP Program.

Candidate Chemicals

DTSC developed an informational list of Candidate Chemicals based on... Read More

Priority Products

Priority Products are consumer products that contain one or more Candidate Chemicals... Read More

Alternatives Analysis

In the Alternatives Analysis process, manufacturers must compare the Chemical of... Read More

Regulatory Response

Depending on the outcome of the Alternatives Analysis process for each Priority Product... Read More


March 17, 2021 Workshop- Draft 2021-2023 Priority Product Work Plan

DTSC will host a virtual workshop on March 17, 2021 from 10:00 A.M until 12:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time to discuss the draft Work Plan. Visit the SCP Workshop and Events page for more information. 


New Proposed Priority Product: Motor Vehicle Tires Containing Zinc

DTSC proposes to list Motor Vehicle Tires Containing Zinc as a Priority Product under the SCP regulations. 

Draft 2021-2023 Priority Product Work Plan

DTSC is pleased to announce that its draft 2021-2023 Priority Product Work Plan is available for public review and comment. To submit a comment visit our CalSAFER website. 



Safer Consumer Products Timeline: October 2020 - December 2021

The SCP Timeline presents a glimpse of the Safer Consumer Products (SCP) Program’s activities under the current Priority Product Work Plan. It is intended to make the breadth and depth of the SCP Program’s work visible to the public, to inform the public of progress on current projects, and to increase opportunities for positive stakeholder engagement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive view of all of the SCP Program’s work.

DTSC presents this information for informational purposes only. The Timeline is updated quarterly; thus, it may not reflect changes made after the most recent update. Single-day events (e.g., issuance of notices, meetings, workshops) may be shown as ranges of likely dates. Activities, milestones, and associated dates are subject to change. The Timeline presents 15 months of SCP activities; some extend beyond (before or after) that 15-month window. Please consult CalSAFER for regulatory deadlines and information about comment periods, events, workshops, etc.

Please send questions about the Timeline to