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Comments on the Initial Priority Products

DTSC would like to thank stakeholders for submitting informal comments on the priority product draft regulatory concepts. This input will help inform DTSC in drafting the proposed priority product regulations. The proposed regulations will follow the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) process where stakeholders will be able to submit formal comments for response by DTSC. Comments received for the draft regulatory concepts are listed below.

Sender Organization Comments Received
Sahar Osman-Sypher American Chemistry Council 4/29/2014
Mark Monique Savogran Company 5/19/2014
Marcia Levinson Bayer MaterialScience LLC 6/27/2014
Paul Duffy/Howard Deck Icynene Corporation 6/27/2014
Robert E. Raymer, PE California Building Industry Association 6/29/2014
Mark S. Fellin, MPS Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) 6/30/2014
Mark Collatz Adhesive and Sealant Council 6/30/2014
Paul DeLeo American Cleaning Institute 6/30/2014
Frank O’Brien-Bernini Owens Corning 6/30/2014
Kurt E. Blase Unifrax I LLC 6/30/2014
W. Caffey Norman Halogenated Solvents Industry Alliance, Inc. 6/30/2014
Sandy Gump Fomo Products, Inc. 6/30/2014
Laura Reinhard Honeywell International, Inc. 6/30/2014
Emily Tipaldo American Chemistry Council 6/30/2014
Justin Koscher American Chemistry Council Center for the Polyurethanes Industry 6/30/2014
Darrell R. Boverhof and Jean Kasakevich Dow Building and Construction/Dow Polyurethanes 6/30/2014
Johnathan DiMuro and Randy Fischback The Dow Chemical Company 6/30/2014
Tiger Adolf Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) 6/30/2014
Sarah E. Amick Rubber Manufacturers Association 6/30/2014
Charlotte Brody, RN BlueGreen Alliance 6/30/2014
Gary Talbot Five Star Performance Insulation 6/30/2014
Will Lorenz General Coatings Manufacturing Co. 6/30/2014
Timothy Serie American Coatings Association 7/1/2014
Kurt P. Riesenberg Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance 7/1/2014
Tom Lent Healthy Building Network 7/2/2014
Singla Veena Natural Resources Defence Council 7/9/2014
Max Vaulin GreenTech Partner Solutions Inc. 7/10/2014
Catherine A. Porter, JD California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative 7/29/2014
Dorothy Wigmore Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy 8/21/2014

SCP Priority Products