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Potential Health and Safety Impacts of Chemicals in Nail Products

Nail salon workers have daily exposure to a variety of hazardous chemicals in nail products. In California over 80,000[1] salon workers, many of whom are young women, spend long hours doing work that exposes them to hazardous chemicals. Nail products in salons and at home are used by potentially sensitive subpopulations such as pregnant women and children. Three key questions being explored for this topic are:

  1. What are the potentially hazardous chemicals present in nail products?
  2. Why are these potentially hazardous chemicals being used in nail products?
  3. What alternative chemicals are being used including products marketed as green, safer, or free of specific chemicals?

Click here to view inputs received regarding our preliminary research for nail products. A daylong public workshop was held on March 2, 2017 that focused on the potential health and safety impacts of chemicals in nail products. The goal of the workshop was to facilitate a dialogue among experts from industry, academia, NGOs, and other government agencies. See our Workshops page for the agenda, presentations, and webinar recording.