Safer Products

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Regulatory Response

How is a Regulatory Response Selected?

The SCP framework emphasizes hazard reduction more than risk management. DTSC will give preference to a Regulatory Response that ensures the reduction or avoidance of impacts rather than simply controlling an exposure or a release of a chemical of concern. Public health and environmental protection and cost to responsible entities or government will also be considered.

Who Will Implement a Regulatory Response?

After the initial Priority Products are selected, DTSC will pick Priority Products from within seven consumer product categories identified in the 2018-2020 Priority Product Work Plan. The Work Plan identifies key policy objectives and priorities used to select the categories that will be used to prioritize
  • A responsible entity that has completed an Alternatives Analysis for a Priority Product and decides to keep a Priority Product on the market in California.
  • Responsible entities that have selected an alternative product to replace the Priority Product.
  • A responsible entity that needs additional time to either develop or implement an alternative product. In this case, an interim Regulatory Response will be imposed.

What are the Possible Regulatory Responses?

Possible Regulatory Responses are:
  • Supplemental AA Report Information and Regulatory Response Revisions;
  • Product Information for Consumers;
  • Use Restrictions;
  • Product Sales Prohibition;
  • Engineering or Administrative Controls;
  • End-of-Life Product Management Program;
  • Advancement of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering; or
  • No Regulatory Response.

Read the Regulations

The Safer Consumer Product regulations provide details regarding Regulatory Response. See Division 4.5, Title 22, Chapter 55, Article 6. Regulatory Responses.