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DTSC cares deeply for people who might be exposed to the harmful effects of chemical exposure, and since the Safer Consumer Products regulations were enacted on Oct. 1, 2013, its Safer Consumer Products program has worked to establish safer places for the workers, owners and customers of nail salons.

Part of this effort resulted from a study released by DTSC in 2012 that found numerous nail care products sampled in the San Francisco Bay Area displayed toxic-free claims that weren’t supported in laboratory testing. The study provided a snapshot of whether potentially harmful chemicals could be found in available products.

Under its 2018-2020 Priority Product Work Plan, DTSC has researched whether manufacturers of nail care products should be required to find safer alternatives for current chemicals used in them. Nail salon products are included in the Work Plan’s the personal care, beauty, and hygiene product. DTSC hosted a daylong public workshop focused on the potential health and safety impacts of chemicals in nail products. The workshop provided information to the department about what products are of concern and should be considered as possible Priority Products.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control issued guidelines to help local government agencies in California voluntarily establish and implement a program to make salons healthier for nail care workers, owners and customers. Workers in California’s estimated 48,000 nail salons are often exposed to toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. Exposure to these and other chemicals present in nail salon products is associated with higher risks of cancer and developmental and reproductive harm. The guidelines help local agencies establish a Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program as mandated by AB2125 (Chiu). Consumers can look for salons that display gold or silver certificates. For more information visit the Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program web page.

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Guidance on Becoming a “Green” Nail Salon

Reduce your use of harmful chemicals to become a greener nail salon! The following checklist can help salons identify work practices to become a healthier, more sustainable business:

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