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SCP Information Call-in

California Code of Regulations, title 22, section 69501.4(b) authorizes DTSC to request information from product or chemical manufacturers, importers, assemblers, or retailers that it determines necessary to implement the Safer Consumer Products Program’s framework regulations, via an information call-in. DTSC may use the information obtained through call-ins for several purposes, including:

  • to identify product-chemical combinations to evaluate as potential Priority Products;
  • to identify and analyze alternatives to eliminate or reduce potential exposures and adverse impacts; and
  • to fill in data gaps to improve understanding and reduce research time.

DTSC uses the information submitted in response to call-ins to inform decisions about which product-chemical combinations to further research and, potentially, list as Priority Products under the Safer Consumer Products (SCP) framework regulations. While DTSC plans to share only summary data from call-ins, any information provided is a public record and, as such, may become public unless it is submitted along with a claim of trade secret protection.

After the information submittal deadline, DTSC will post a Response Status List on its website. The Response Status List will not include any information provided by the entity in response to the request; it includes only the identity of the person or company, the identity of the chemicals or products that are the subject of the request, and the company’s response status. There are three possible response statuses: 

  • Response with information provided. This means a company has made the requested information available to the DTSC;
  • No response. This means a company has failed to make the requested information available to the DTSC; or
  • Response with information unavailable. This means a company has demonstrated to DTSC that it does not have and is unable to produce the requested information.

Even after the deadline, an entity can change its response status. If a previously non-responsive entity submits the requested information after the deadline, DTSC will update the company’s status on the Response Status List.  

If a company provides the requested information to DTSC via call-in, DTSC will also publish the company’s name on Safer Consumer Products Partner Recognition List, in addition to the Response Status List to recognize its efforts of collaborating with DTSC to implement the SCP regulations.

Responses to an information call-in can be submitted through DTSC’s CalSAFER web portal. Prior to submitting a response, respondents need to register and create a CalSAFER account. Detailed step-by-step instructions for registration and information submission can be found on the CalSAFER site. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and Information Call-in User Guide are also available on CalSAFER site.

For more information, you may read the text of the SCP framework regulations, at

If you have any questions regarding DSTC’s information call-in, please contact DTSC at

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