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TIC Background

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California Health and Safety Code Section 25256 requires the California Department of Toxics Substance Control (DTSC) to establish a Toxics Information Clearinghouse (TIC). One of the primary goals of the Clearinghouse is to serve as a decentralized system for collection, maintenance, and distribution of information on specified chemicals via a publicly accessible web-based portal. The TIC provides a portal to multiple web-based sources of chemical-specific information for hazard traits, toxicity endpoints, and other related properties.

DTSC is using an initial open approach (instead of restrictive requirements and standards) for the TIC and its contents. The current TIC represents an aggregation of web links to many information sources about chemicals where the current population of links largely represents publicly accessible sites. DTSC’s intent in formulating and operating the TIC is summarized by the the following:

  • DTSC has consulted with other states, the federal government, and other nations in the identification of data for the TIC.
  • DTSC is committed to maintaining a web infrastructure that is capable of displaying updated information and be accessible through the internet, where resources allow.
  • DTSC is open to the submission of additional links.
  • DTSC intends to curate the universe of links as well as review and consider suggested links for addition to the TIC.
  • DTSC will also consider posting links (link only, not open access) to proprietary, subscription-based, fee-based, user-funded and other non-public chemical information sources.
  • DTSC will phase-in access to information and data in the Clearinghouse as its content evolves.

Through the TIC, DTSC wants to provide users, such as consumers and businesses along the supply chain, an easy-to-use, web-based portal to data on chemical properties and information related to specific chemical hazard trait, environmental and toxicological end-point data.