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What Does the Candidate Chemicals List Mean to Me?

The primary purpose of the Candidate Chemicals List is for DTSC to identify potential Chemicals of Concern in Priority Products. This process includes evaluation of adverse impact and exposure criteria. There are a wide variety of chemicals on the Candidate Chemicals List, not all of which are found in consumer products.

The Candidate Chemicals List is NOT a list of Chemicals of Concern. A chemical only becomes a Chemical of Concern when it is the basis for a product being listed as a Priority Product.

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers of consumer products may wish to review the Candidate Chemicals List to evaluate whether their chemicals or chemical alternatives have the potential to cause adverse impacts or exposure. This voluntary action may help product manufacturers discover chemical hazard traits in the products they produce.

For Consumers

The Informational List may help consumers be better informed about chemicals in the products they own or are considering purchasing.