Site Mitigation & Restoration Program

We protect and maintain California’s land and places
by setting strict standards for land restoration and cleanup

Site Mitigation and Brownfields Policies & Procedures

The DTSC Site Mitigation and Brownfields Reuse Program is in the process of updating its policies and, as a result, some are not available on the web site. Please check back soon.

KeywordDocument No.TitleDate Issued
Administrative Hearing DecisionEO-99-004-MM Review of Proposed Administrative Hearing DecisionJuly 21, 1999
Administrative RecordEO-94-004-MM Identification of the Administrative RecordJune 7, 1994
Authority to IssueEO-95-011-MM Authority to Issue Site Mitigation DocumentsSeptember 6, 1995
Complaints for PenaltiesEO-93-014-PP Policy and Procedures for Site Mitigation Complaints for PenaltiesFebruary 7, 1994
Completion CertificationOPP 86-22R Completion Certification of Site Remedial ActionNovember 1, 1989
Confidential MaterialsEO-93-022-PP Handling of Confidential MaterialsFebruary 24, 1994
Cost RecoveryEO-99-003-MM Decision Not to Pursue Cost RecoveryJuly 21, 1999
Enforcement Case Management  OPP 90-7 Site Mitigation Enforcement Case ManagementNovember 17, 1990
Imminent and/or Substantial EndangermentEO-93-009-PP Imminent and/or Substantial Endangerment Policy, Procedure and GuidelinesJuly 14, 1993
Imminent and/or Substantial EndangermentEO-93-009-PP Imminent and/or Substantial Endangerment Determination and Consent Order Template
Imminent and/or Substantial EndangermentEO-93-009-PP Imminent and/or Substantial Endangerment Determination and Order and Remedial Action Order Template
Land Use CovenantsOPP 87-14 Development and Implementation of Land Use Covenants (Under Revision)
Lein PlacementDTSC-OP-036 Statutory Lien Policy and ProceduresJuly 11, 2016
Non-Compliance with Remedial Action OrdersOPP 87-1 Procedures for Determination of Non-Compliance with Remedial Action OrdersJanuary 2, 1987
Operation and MaintenanceEO-93-036-MM Operation and Maintenance Enforceable AgreementFebruary 7, 1994
Oversight and SupervisionOPP 92-1 Oversight and Supervision of Investigation and Removal and Remedial Actions at Hazardous Substance Sites (Under Revision)August 24, 1992
Partial Site CleanupEO-92-4-MM Approval of Partial Site CleanupApril 23, 1992
Permitting/Site Mitigation InterfaceOPP 87-12 Permitting/Site Mitigation InterfaceJanuary 5, 1989
Posting of Enforcement DocumentE0-06-002-PP Posting of Enforcement Documents PolicyFebruary 28, 2006
Prospective PurchaserEO-96-005-PP Prospective Purchaser PolicyJuly 1, 1996
Remedial Action PlanEO-95-007-PP Remedial Action Plan (RAP)December 5, 1995
RP OwnershipOPP 90-11 RP Ownership of Property Over Contaminated GroundwaterDecember 7, 1990
Sensitive UsesEO-02-002-MM Response Actions for Sites Where Future Use May Include Sensitive UsesJuly 10, 2002
Site MitigationEO-90-11-MM Determining Whether to Pursue Cost Recovery or Enforcement Actions Against Property Owners Whose Land Overlies Contaminated Ground Water Solely on the Basis of Land OwnershipDecember 7, 1990
Site ScreeningEO-97-001-MM Site Screening GuidanceJanuary 23, 1997
Voluntary Site Mitigation ProjectsEO-95-006-PP Managing Voluntary Site Mitigation ProjectsSeptember 25, 1995