Site Mitigation & Restoration Program

We protect and maintain California’s land and places
by setting strict standards for land restoration and cleanup

Santa Susana Field Laboratory Document Library

Document Library Search Tips
  • If your search returns over 200 documents, you may narrow your search by selecting additional criteria, such as a range of publication dates or a document library category.
  • If you are searching a large document group that has its own index, such as Historical Documents, try searching within the document index. To locate the document index follow the instructions below.
    • Reset the search function.
    • Enter “document index” into the Document Title field.
    • Hit search and pick the document index you’re looking for from the list of results.

• To search for documents within a document index follow the instructions below.
Open the document index.
Press the CONTROL and F keys at the same time.
In the search field that appears enter a single word or a portion of a title in order from a document title.

• Avoid using the following words, because they will be ignored:
Single letters or numbers
Characters other than the alphabets and numbers
General words such as ‘the’, ‘this’, and ‘he’

• If the search criteria consists of only ignored words, the search will not return any results.