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We protect and maintain California’s land and places
by setting strict standards for land restoration and cleanup

Santa Susana Field Laboratory What’s New

The Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) project team is constantly publishing materials and reports. These reports range from monitoring data, information from investigations, proposed cleanup measures, information related to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), community outreach and other topics. Listed below are the most recently published SSFL documents. If you are looking for older documents and reports please visit the SSFL searchable Document Library.

We encourage public participation and comments and are always searching for ways to collaborate on our efforts.  Please contact Michelle Banks-Ordone at for opportunities to collaborate on the SSFL cleanup process.

Order on Consent for Interim Response Action for the Radioactive Materials Handling Facility

Radioactive Materials Handling Facility Interim Response Action Update/Status

Interim Summary Report of Woolsey Fire

DTSC and a team of federal, state, and local agencies evaluated impacts of the Woolsey Fire on conditions at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory site and in communities around the site. This interim report summarizes work done to address concerns about the impact of the Woolsey Fire on SSFL and the surrounding communities. A copy of the Interim Summary Report of Woolsey Fire Report is available on SSFL searchable Document Library.

Draft Closure Plans for the U.S. Department of Energy Hazardous Waste Management Facility and the Radioactive Materials Handling Facility at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory


SSFL CAG Meeting – September 27, 2018

SSFL Bi-Annual Update Meeting – April 10, 2018

Draft Program Environmental Impact Report

SSFL CAG Meeting – October 18, 2017

SSFL CAG Meeting – September 20, 2017

SSFL CAG Meeting – June 21, 2017

SSFL Community Update Meeting – May 2, 2017

SSFL CAG Meeting – February 15, 2017

SSFL CAG Meeting – January 18, 2017

Monthly Status Reports