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We provide documentation to help you understand DTSC’s cleanup, permitting, enforcement, and investigation efforts

Post Remediation Artist Rendering – Draft

Post Remediation Artist Rendering – Draft

PureGro Company

Brawley, Imperial County

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You may find additional information on the Cleanup Sites and Hazardous Waste Permitted Facilities in the EnviroStor database.

The Stockpile Removal Weekly Reports and related documents can be viewed by clicking on the EnviroStor link below and then clicking on the Community Involvement tab.

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Document Archives / Archivo de Documentos

Archived documents can be found at DTSCs Envirostor website.

Project Contacts

Who to contact for more information:

Daniel Cordero
DTSC Project Manager
Phone: (714) 484-5428

Eileen Mananian
DTSC Supervisor
Phone: (714) 484-5349

Elsa Lopez
DTSC Public Participation Specialist
Phone: (818) 717-6566
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Russ Edmondson
Media Information Officer
Phone: (916) 323-3372

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