Managing Hazardous Waste

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Sorrento West Properties/General Atomics (former Teradyne Circuits)

13330 Evening Creek Drive North
San Diego  CA 92128

County: San Diego DTSC Region: 4
Assembly District: 75 Senate District: 36

Facility History

Sorrento West Properties/General Atomics (Former Teradyne Circuits) has been used for circuit board manufacturing operations since 1989. On July 19, 1993, the Department authorized Teradyne Circuits for operation of an onsite hazardous waste treatment facility on the Property pursuant to Permit By Rule. During utility trench rehabilitation at the site, Teradyne discovered breaches in the trench bottoms in three areas: the former Pattern Plate Line 1, Water Treatment, and a portion of the Cuposit Electroless Copper Plating Line Areas. The facility entered into a Corrective Action Consent Agreement with DTSC on September 7, 2001 to further investigate releases of hazardous waste and hazardous waste constituents at the site. The final remedy was adopted on September 22, 2004 which required an “L” shaped portion of the Property to be capped “Capped Property”. The Capped Property comprises approximately 24, 475 square feet and contains elevated levels of lead, copper and arsenic. A Land Use Covenant (LUC) was required to restrict future land use to industrial/commercial with engineering controls to maintain the existing concrete cover material over the soil contaminants left in place at the site. The LUC prohibits the use of the property for residences, hospitals, health clinics, child day care centers or schools for persons under 21 years of age and indicates that further corrective action may be required for such land uses. The LUC also includes an advisory of the presence of contaminants in subsurface soils to any contractor engaged in subsurface work. An Operation & Maintenance Plan and an Implementation & Enforcement Plan have been prepared for the Site to ensure compliance with the land use restrictions and that the concrete cover is inspected and maintained in good condition.

Restriction Information

Date Statutory/Regulatory Authority
10/07/2004 Future use of the property is restricted pursuant to Civil Code section 1471, subsection (c).