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Telair Intl. (aka Talley Corporation)

3303 Old Conejo Road 

Newbury Park  CA 91320

County: Ventura DTSC Region: 1
Assembly District: 37 Senate District: 23

Facility History

Telair International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teleflex, Inc., which is the owner of certain property situated in the City of Newbury Park, county of Ventura. The property totals approximately 12.85 acres and is known as the Telair International facility, formerly known as the Talley facility. A surface impoundment consisting of two contiguous concrete and asphalt lined evaporation ponds used for the treatment of waste water was previously located at the Property.

Restriction Information

Date Statutory/Regulatory Authority
05/26/2005 Use of the property is restricted pursuant to Health and Safety Code sections 25200 and 25260.
02/01/1993 Future use of the property is restricted pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart G (265.11-265.120) and California Code of Regulations, title 22, chapter 14, article 7, section 66264.119.