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Toxics in Packaging Law

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is charged with implementing the requirements of the laws that are found in Health and Safety Code (Health & Saf. Code), division 20, chapter 6.5, article 10.4 (beginning with §25214.11).

Intentional introduction of these toxic metals into product packaging or packaging components is prohibited. Incidental introduction is limited to 100 parts per million by weight for all toxic metals.

Companies that do not comply with these laws face the prospect of action by DTSC. These laws are very far-reaching, and include ANY packaging or packaging component sold in California. Packaging and packaging components provided for promotions are also included in the scope of these laws. These laws affect all manufacturers, distributors, and resellers, regardless of the location that the packaging was made at, distributed from, or sold from. If it is eventually sold or distributed in California, then these laws apply.

On January 1, 2010, some of the exemptions in the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act expired. To learn more about this change in the law, please read the fact sheet “Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act Exemptions Expiring January 1, 2010 Information for Manufacturers and Suppliers.”

For the full text of these laws, please read Health and Safety Code §25214.11.

You may also download a PDF version of the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act.

To learn the legislative history of these laws, please read AB 455 – Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act; and AB 2021 – Amendment to the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act at the Official California Legislative Information website.

Archived Documents

Below are archived fact sheets and other documents that are due to changes that have occurred in the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act.

NOTE: SB 774 changes are no longer valid. These expired effective January 1, 2010.

Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act by SB 774 (2007)

This fact sheet provides a summary of the changes to the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act by SB 774 (2007), including the changes affecting applied ceramic decoration on glass bottles.