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Treated Wood Waste Regulations

What is DTSC Doing to Protect the Environment from Treated Wood Waste?

Assembly Bill 1353 (2004, Matthews) required DTSC to adopt regulations specifying alternative management standards for treated wood waste. It also added Sections 25150.7 and 25150.8 to the Health and Safety Code. The following information outlines how DTSC has implemented the regulations on treated wood waste.

  • Treated Wood Waste Tracking System (TWWTS) All Treated Wood Waste (TWW) facilities or TWW landfills shall report to DTSC by July 30 and January 30 the amount of TWW received. The online system is now available. Contact Donn Diebert, (916) 322-2505 for any questions on TWWTS.

  • Treated Wood Waste Handler Notification: All treated Wood Waste (TWW) handlers that generate more than 10,000 pounds in any calendar year shall obtain an identification Number and submit the notification within 30 days of exceeding the 10,000 pound limit. To obtain an identification Number, please call 1-800-618-6942. If you are directed to submit a form for a Permanent Identification Number, click below for the form.