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Valley Chrome Plating is a chrome plating manufacturer that has switched from Hexavalent Chromium, a known carcinogen, to a less toxic form of chromium – Trivalent Chromium.


Valley Chrome Success Story

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DTSC Success Stories

Ray Lucas – Valley Chrome Owner
You know Valley Chrome is one of the first companies to switch from hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium.

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The northern California company makes thousands of truck bumpers every year…

…and decided to become an environmental leader and “go green” by using less toxic chemicals in its manufacturing process.

The family run business now uses a different form of chromium to make bumpers…
Trivalent Chrome instead of ‘Hex-Chrome’.

Ray Lucas – Valley Chrome Owner
Trivalent Chromium, unlike hex-chrome, is non-toxic and over the last few years tri-chrome has evolved into a coating that can be used, I think, by decorative chrome platers.

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James Galvan — Plating Supervisor
We get a lot of wows…a lot of people that are just really amazed that we have an external automotive part and we’ve been successful in running a tri-chrome system.

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Making the bumpers is an intricate process involving rinsing, dipping, depositing metals like nickel and chrome and waxing.

Switching to safer chemicals is part of green chemistry and DTSC’s move to safer consumer products…

It’s good for the environment…

…and takes commitment from manufacturers such as Valley Chrome Plating.

James Galvan — Plating Supervisor
All this equipment that you see here…filtration, ion exchange…it’s all new equipment necessary to run the tri-chrome system.

Ray Lucas – Valley Chrome Owner
Spent about two years researching it and decided to switch to trivalent chrome. The trivalent chromium process is more expensive that hexavalent but some of the labor issues with employees are less.

James Galvan — Plating Supervisor
To make the change out we actually worked two shifts basically around the clock. I think we completed it in five days. It was kind of an ‘Extreme Makeover: Plating edition’.

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Lucas, who’s president of the firm that his steel worker father bought in 1961, says the investment in safer chemicals was the right move.

Ray Lucas – Valley Chrome Owner
It’s not only the fact that we’re greener but it also saves us money because we’re recycling our chemicals. So we’re actually saving money while we’re being greener…it makes us more responsible citizens. It makes sense, perfect sense, environmentally and financially to switch from hexavalent to trivalent.

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DTSC is encouraged by companies who make products using safer alternative chemicals.


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