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TriOx Ozone Treatment System for Cooling Tower Water-Certification No: 94-01-007

Final Decision to Certify Hazardous Waste Environmental Technology

Technology Description:

TriOx manufactures an ozone treatment system which replaces chemical biocides with a computer controlled continuous ozonation system for control of biological growth in cooling towers.

The management of water from cooling towers generally includes the control of biological fouling, microbially induced corrosion, and pathogenic bacteria. Traditional industry practices for the control of biological growth in cooling towers, include the addition of chemical biocides. Chemicals used for this purpose include compounds, such as glutaraldehyde, tributyltin oxide, quaternary ammonium salts, or other organic or inorganic compounds. Publicly Operated Treatment Works (POTWs) regulate discharge of blowdown from cooling towers. POTWs have increasingly restricted discharge of contaminants in blowdown water to their sewer systems.

The TriOx system uses water from the cooling tower. Ozone is dissolved into the water using a patented static mixer. Ozone as a biocide is not intended to replace anti-scaling or corrosion control measures. Where it has been determined that such measures are appropriate, the TriOx ozone system may be used in conjunction with their reverse osmosis system and/or other ozone-compatible anti-scaling or corrosion control methods.

Issued to:
6918 Sierra Court
Dublin, CA 94568
Mr. Lee Ditzler,
(510) 829-6300
Effective Date:
November 7, 1994
Expiration Date:
November 7, 1997
DTSC Contact:
Dr. Bruce LaBelle
(916) 324-2958

A copy of the published Certification Notice may be obtained by contacting us at:

Department of Toxic Substances Control
Office of Pollution Prevention and Technology Development
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, California 95812-0806
Phone: (916) 322-3670
Fax: (916) 327-4494

File last updated: October 9, 1996