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Troubleshooting CalTOX Problems

Problem: I get the error message “Cannot find DatCal.” followed by an arcane macro error.

Cause: The most common reason that CalTOX 2.3 will not run is that it was not started according to this strict procedure.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel®;
  2. Select Open from the File drop-down menu;
  3. Locate the subdirectory that contains the 6 files needed to run CalTOX 2.3 in the Look in: drop-down menu at the top of the Open window;
  4. Open the RunCal.xls file.


Note that RunCal cannot be started from Windows Explorer or from the bottom of the Files drop-down menu (if it was one of the last files used in Excel® it will appear here). The reason these convenient shortcuts cannot be used is that Excel® identifies a default directory for every “session”. The best way to ensure that Excel® has set the subdirectory with the six CalTOX files as the default directory is by the four-step process described above.

Page last updated April 15, 2019.