Managing Hazardous Waste

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Household Hazardous Waste

Many common household products are hazardous. If these products are handled or disposed of incorrectly, they can pose a threat to human health, animals and the environment. When these products are discarded, they become “household hazardous waste.” In California, it is illegal to dispose of household hazardous waste in the trash, down the drain, or by abandonment. Household hazardous waste needs to be disposed of through a Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Information for the Public

Local Agencies and Contractors

A public agency that plans to collect e-waste at an HHW collection facility or temporary event must notify DTSC 30 days in advance at our Universal Waste Electronic Devices Online System for Notification and Reporting Requirements.


submit an annual report covering its activities during prior calendar year.  The agency must also complete and submit an annual Form 303 (A or B based on your jurisdiction).

Many cities and counties have developed programs to collect, recycle or properly dispose of household hazardous waste. They may also collect hazardous waste generated by small businesses that are exempt from regular hazardous waste management requirements. DTSC is the state agency that is responsible for ensuring the safe and responsible management of household hazardous waste. At a local level the management of household hazardous waste is overseen by Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs).

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