A Path Forward for DTSC: Investing in a Safe and Healthy California for All


The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has prepared these Workload Analyses to provide crucial information about DTSC’s current resources and how they are being used, as well as examples of activities it is not funded to perform. These documents will support future discussions of the service levels DTSC should be providing to more fully protect California’s communities and the environment and is integral to the discussion surrounding the Administration’s comprehensive approach to DTSC reform. Without fiscal reform, the resource gaps identified in this analysis will not be able to be funded. DTSC’s work is vital to achieving the Administration’s vision of a California for All, where every person can prosper, live in a healthy environment, and enjoy California’s beautiful and diverse landscape.

Core program briefings were offered to the public providing an overview of DTSC’s workload analysis and resource gaps. The briefings were intended to support ongoing discussion around the programs and activities DTSC should be delivering to protect Californians and the environment from toxic harm. Go to our Workload Analysis and Reform Briefings web page for more information.

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