Safer Consumer Products

We are working toward safer California households, workplaces, and products.

About Us

The SCP Program is at the cutting edge of chemical regulation. We are a diverse team of scientists, engineers, market researchers, and analysts working to protect California’s people and the environment. We embody our core values: SCP ROCKS! 

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Scientific rigor 
We pride ourselves on leveraging good science for good policy decisions. We uphold a high standard of scientific integrity and accountability, ensuring that our work is of high quality, scientifically accurate, thorough, and transparent. 

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We achieve great things through teamwork, public engagement, and partnerships with our stakeholders. We strive to communicate effectively, provide constructive feedback, and show one another care, compassion, and empathy. 

We are unafraid to take bold initiatives and do not back down from challenges. We are proactive, dedicated, persistent, and driven by our enthusiasm and passion for this work. 

We respect all who contribute to the magic of SCP. We value our diversity and encourage ideas different from ours. We have strong moral principles and strive to create a positive culture and an inclusive environment that promotes psychological safety.   

We trust in ourselves, in one another, and in progress. We are optimists who believe that we can enact meaningful change and make the world a safer, healthier place. 

We are one of the most innovative and progressive chemical regulatory programs in the world. We bring creativity, flexibility, and introspection to our leadership, challenging business as usual and striving for continuous improvement. 

We are committed to science and facts. We love learning and expanding our knowledge  to  leverage better information towards positive outcomes.  

We are driven by our mutual vision of a healthier environment for all, and by our sense of responsibility. We are committed to protecting those who are vulnerable and to achieving equity and fairness.  

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