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The Office of Legislation and Regulatory Review coordinates DTSC’s action on all legislative matters and recommends appropriate action regarding legislative issues. This includes reviewing, analyzing, and monitoring proposed legislation that may impact DTSC; coordinating the development of DTSC-sponsored legislative proposals; representing DTSC before legislative committees; acting as a liaison to legislators, their staff, and outside advocates; and working with executive staff, legislative staff, and interest groups to develop strategies to pass or defeat bills. The Office of Legislation and Regulatory Review tracks around 200 bills each legislative session. For general inquiries, please contact

State Laws

  • Official California Legislative Information (link opens new tab)
    A complete listing of California Law Codes and Bills.
  • DTSC Legislative Summaries
    The Legislative Summary Report identifies and summarizes all legislation considered by the California State Legislature that directly or indirectly affects DTSC’s mission and programs. The Legislative Mandates Report serves to inform DTSC staff of new legislatively mandated activities and important statutory changes. Both reports are published each year of the Legislative Session.
  • Hazardous Waste Fee Summary
    Summarizes state law as it relates to fees charged and collected by DTSC or collected by the California Department of Tax and Fees Administration for DTSC.
  • California Code Excerpts / Health and Safety Codes (2019)
    California statutes implemented by and affecting DTSC.
  • Official CCR, Title 22, Division 4.5
    California regulations implemented by and affecting DTSC.
  • Governor’s Reorganization Plan 1 of 1991 (uncodified)
    Division 38 (relating to Department of Toxic Substances Control, commencing with Section 58000), as set forth in Sec. 146 of Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1991, has not been formally codified by statutory enactment.

Federal Laws and Regulations

Tips on Navigating California Laws and Regulations on Other Agencies’ Websites

California statutes and regulations are available on the web but can sometimes be difficult for first-time users. If you’re new to searching for California statutes and regulations on the web, use this guide to help you find what you’re looking for.